Bottled at the Source

Australia's favourite mineral water brand is bottled at the source in Northern Italy; making Santa Vittoria one of the purest waters available.



Santa Vittoria mineral water is owned by a 3rd generation family business in Australia.  Steeped in Italian tradition the company began as a result of two brothers spotting the opportunity to introduce a taste of their Italian heritage to their new adoptive country. Since 1947 the company has built a reputation for importing and manufacturing quality foods and is recognised as one of Australia's leading food and beverage companies.


Birth of Venus

The painting featured on our label is Alexandre Cabanel's best known work - The Birth of Venus (1863). This artwork elegantly depicts the myth of Venus being born out of the waves of the sea, which provides great substance and meaning to the Santa Vittoria brand, as Cabanel's painting conveys the purity and beauty associated with natural mineral water.